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Basically, we buy, build, and configure a Mail Server for your exclusive use. In this way, you get the benefit of dedicated equipment, unique software, redundant Internet connections, battery and generator backup systems, and more for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. We will also schedule a training session with you to show you how to take advantage of its great features and benefits.

Your Cost

The prices for this dedicated solution are very affordable:

  • $79 / month
  • FREE Setup

Place Your Order

To place your order for a Dedicated Mail Server, you can visit, where you can specify the exact hardware and software you want on your server. Just click here to begin.

If you have any questions, please call us at 248-336-7843.

More Than You Need?

For some organizations, it is more economical to purchase their mail services on a per mailbox basis. We do offer this service under the name You can find more information about mail services for smaller companies here.

Special Needs?

We understand that everyone's needs are a little different. Please let us know if you require greater capacity, special backup, unique storage, custom design, or other related applications. We will be pleased to provide you with competitive quotes to meet your needs.


Call us now at 248-336-7843, and get your own Dedicated Mail Server today.

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