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Mail Server - for your exclusive use. Our web-based control panel allows you to control all aspects of your Mail Server remotely using just your web browser. You can manage all of the functions of the Server Administrator and the Domain Administrator through these web-based controls:

      • Add/Remove domains
      • Manage users (add/delete mailboxes, change passwords, etc.)
      • Help desk
      • SMTP server graphs so you can see what is going on
      • Edit services and features on a per user basis for POP, IMAP, and delivery
      • Add/edit quotas and allowances for individual users
      • Add aliases
      • Change passwords
      • Add auto-responders

Organizations with different geographic locations and web hosts can allow different administrators (with passwords) for each domain, which lets people (including customers) manage their own email using the control panel.

Mail Server Usage Statistics
Ever wonder how much email your organization sends and receives? Would you like to see live graphs of mail server usage? Now you can. Our Dedicated Email Server includes live reports of mail server throughput, success/failures, and queue statistics. These are graphed, daily, monthly, and yearly on the control panel.

Unlimited Domains
The Mail Server can handle email for up to 23 million different virtual domains. Each domain can have up to 23 million email accounts. This is how big we can grow a email system for you. The actual number of domains and users will be limited by the hardware resources. We can, however, provide custom configurations to handle very large requirements.

Multiple Names on Different Domains are Allowed
Other mail servers require that each mailbox name be unique on the server. With our Mail Server, each virtual domain has its own name space. This means email addresses do NOT have to be unique across all accounts. This means you can have a mailbox for and another one for!

Control Panel Help Desk
Innovative help desk feature in the control panel allows you to immediately identify problems with users downloading POP and IMAP email. Upon an attempted client connection the control panel can inform you exactly why the connection failed. If the user has an incorrect setting, (e.g. wrong username or wrong password) what they typed is displayed verbatim so they can be instructed to fix it without guesswork over the phone.

Email Auditing
Does your organization need to keep a record of all email for legal or security reasons? The Mail Server allows you to save copies of all email for the entire server for later audit and examination.

Advanced Encryption & Security Features
It is a little known fact that when checking your email your password and email are sent over the Internet without encryption! This makes it very easy for someone to steal your password or the content of your email messages. The Mail Server has full support for POP and IMAP over SSL. This allows you to take full-advantage of the same SSL encryption technology used to protect your credit information when placing orders online with your web browser. Our support for SSL ensures your password and email messages will be safe from intrusion.

Mail Box Quotas
Mail quotas are used by organizations and ISPs to limit the amount of email one mail box can hold. This can prevent certain kinds of denial-of-service attacks and is great for service providers looking to limit the resources used by their customers. When a mail box is near its quota warning emails are sent to the user. Once a email box reaches the defined quota limit email incoming messages for that address will be bounced (returned to sender).

Email Aliases/Forwarding & Groups
The Mail Server supports aliases and groups. Using the control panel you can create email addresses that forward to 1 or more users. Use this to email groups of users in your organization or to setup common aliases like or You simply add the mailboxes of each member of the group into the alias and they will receive a copy of any email sent to the group.

Use the control panel on the Mail Server to create auto-responders. Auto-responders automatically send a specified reply when a message is received.

Fine-grained Access Control
Control what services users allowed to access on your mail server using the control panel. Allow or deny access to POP, IMAP, and SMTP.

Alias Domains
It is now common for many organizations to have multiple identities on the Internet. Alias domains allow you to receive and check your email using different domain names. For example, if your organization had two domain names, and and you wanted your staff to be able to receive email at both domain names then alias domains can help simplify your email administration.

Authenticated SMTP Relay
You can limit mail relay (SMTP) access to your users by requiring a email address and password. This allows your users to relay mail from remote locations without opening up your mail server to SPAM.

IMAP (Allow message access and management from more than one computer)
The Mail Server has full support for IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a method of accessing electronic mail messages that are kept on a mail server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local. For example, email stored on an IMAP server can be manipulated from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while traveling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers. Key IMAP features include:

      • Be fully compatible with Internet messaging standards, e.g. MIME
      • Allows message access and management from more than one computer
      • Provide support for "online", "offline", and "disconnected" access modes *
      • Support for concurrent access to shared mailboxes
      • Supported by popular email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape

Large File Attachments Welcome
Although the Internet email system was not designed to transfer files it has become an important method of file transfer for many organizations. This is problematic since most ISPs often limit message size to just 2 or 3 MBs. Your Mail Server can be configured to support messages up to 100 MB in size! Graphic designers, web site developers, engineers, and advertising agencies will appreciate this feature, to name just a few.

Fast & Scalable
Rest assured that we can grow to accommodate any volume of email. Your Mail Server is built based on a powerful component design. The code and system is secure, reliable, and very scalable. It can scale up to 23 million different domains each with up to 23 million different email accounts. We will be pleased to provide additional more complex solutions as your needs continue to grow.

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