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According to Computer Economics, a Californian research company that keeps a tally of computer viruses, the economic damage caused by Code Red I and II has risen to nearly $2 billion. It is estimated that last year's Love Bug email virus could top $8.7 billion in estimated damages. If you have ever been infected by a virus, you know the kind of problems and lost time and resources these can cause. It just makes sense to protect yourself from it.

The Solution

Our Mail Server will protect you from email viruses with real-time scanning. It scans all messages (both incoming AND outgoing) for 100,000 different viruses. We use industry standard commercial antivirus software that is updated every 2 hours with the latest virus definitions. It scans messages and their attachments.

How It Works

Our antivirus software can detect: polymorphic or self-encrypting viruses, stealth-viruses, viruses for Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, UNIX, OS/2, new Java-applet viruses, macro viruses infecting Word documents, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations, help files, etc, Internet worms, and Trojans. The advanced heuristic analyzer is capable of detecting up to 92% of unknown viruses.

Desktop Solutions

The various desktop software solutions offered by the major suppliers, such as Symantec and McAfee, are only effective against viruses known at the time of production. Unfortunately, as many as 600 new viruses or variants emerge every month, and these products are quickly out of date unless updated every hour. Some desktop virus scanners do provide effective protection for email. Many don't scan incoming email at all, and others don't properly scan email attachments and zip files. Our Mail Server Real-time Anti-Virus Scanning service goes on working indefinitely - 24/7/365 - because our virus definitions are kept current for you. With our virus scanning service on your Mail Server, we defend you against threats from virus attack every minute of every day.

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