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Outsource and SAVE

This is one of those times when outsourcing makes the most sense of all. By outsourcing your Mail Server to us, you will gain all of these benefits:

Save on the hardware cost for the mail server. If you need to allow outside access to your internal mail server, then there are additional costs associated with access equipment and additional hardware to keep your system secure.
Save on software costs. If you set up a typical mail server (i.e., Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange 2000 or Lotus Notes, all of which are very expensive). Microsoft licensing fees runs approximately $700 for Microsoft Exchange and another $70 per user/mailbox. A company with 100 employees will pay $700 + (100 x $70) just for the setup ($7,700). And you still don't have some of the other costs covered.
Save on software cost for antivirus scanning software. Antivirus software is an expensive additional cost. Often there are ongoing subscriptions you must get so you can keep your software current.
Save on software cost for SPAM filtering software and subscription fees. SPAM, like viruses, tend to evolve over time as the spammers develop new tricks to get around the filters designed to keep them at bay. This software has to be upgraded and maintained to be of any real value.
Save on setup costs. You will have no setup time for installing and configuring all of these software programs to work on your hardware and inside of your network. The Mail Server setup has been done for you.
No additional costs for connectivity to ensure that your mail server is always online and has sufficient bandwidth to handle your needs.
No maintenance expenses associated with upgrading and maintaining the software on the mail server. As it requires maintenance, we take care of that for you.
Save on operating costs. There is a big savings for this server because it can be administered by a clerical person, instead of requiring the greater expense of one of your IT professionals.
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