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dedicated mail serverThere are some great reasons for web hosting providers to get a Dedicated Mail Server.

These include:

Improve Customer Loyalty. By offering a higher quality of service to customers (antivirus scanning, SPAM filtering, webmail, IMAP, etc.), you will increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention.
Increase Revenues. By offering a premium service to customers (esp. the antivirus and webmail), you will be able to charge additional fees for these enhanced services.
Reduce Expenses. Your hosting customers will be able to administer their own email services (adding and changing mailboxes, aliases, forwards, autoresponders, and more) with their own web-based administrative control panel. This will save you time that you currently spend administering these services.

Let us tell you about the web hosting companies who are using our Dedicated Mail Servers to increase their customers and save time and money. Contact us today.

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