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dedicated mail serverThere are some great reasons for ISPs to outsource their email requirements and get one of our dedicated Mail Servers.

These include:

Improve Customer Loyalty. By offering a higher quality of email services to customers (antivirus, webmail, SPAM filtering, IMAP, etc.), you will increase customer loyalty and reduce the "churn" common in the ISP industry.
Increase Revenues. By offering a premium service to customers (esp. the antivirus, SPAM filtering, and webmail), you can even charge additional fees for these enhanced services.
Reduce Expenses. By outsourcing your email services, you can reduce your costs for hardware, software, and IT time. One of the excellent features of the Mail Server is that it can be administered by a clerical person, instead of tying up the time and resources of one of your IT staff.
Domain Hosting Services. You can also offer a new service to your customers by letting them have their own mailboxes at their own domain. You can add unlimited domains and unlimited mailboxes under each domain.
Help Desk Features. You will be able to access the error logs so you can solve email problems quickly and easily.

Please contact us to learn how other ISPs have used our Mail Servers to increase revenue, reduce expenses, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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