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dedicated mail serverThere are many different reasons you will find our dedicated Mail Server to be a great replacement for what you are currently using. Mostly these reasons fall into the areas of features, savings, reliability and ease of use.

Great Features

There are some important services and features will get with our Mail Server that you do not get with standard email programs.

For Your Mailbox Users
They will benefit from these important features:

  • Antivirus scanning (real time)
  • Anti-SPAM filtering
  • Webmail (browser-based email) with spell-checking, online calendar, online to do list, online notes, ability to import your Outlook contact list, and more
  • Support for large email attachments
  • IMAP mail (in addition to POP3 and webmail)

For the Server Administrator
You get the benefits of important tools to control the services:

  • Server Administrator Control System
  • Unlimited users (mailboxes) and virtual domains at no additional cost
  • Alias domains make using multiple identities easy
  • Advanced encryption & security features
  • Store up to 30 GB of email on the mail server
  • Web-based control panel that can be delegated on a per domain basis (great for ISPs and web hosting companies)
  • Innovative helpdesk feature allows you to solve email problems quickly and easily
  • Live graphical reports of email traffic
  • Can scale to 23 million email domains each with up to 23 million email accounts.

Great Savings

If you currently manage your own email servers or are thinking about doing so, our dedicated Mail Servers can save you thousands of dollars. Go ahead and compare costs for your different options. You will be very pleased with the great savings and enhanced services you will get by outsourcing to us.

Great Reliability

Email is a critical part of your business and for some even more important than telephone service. We guarantee the uptime for your Dedicated Email Server at 99.99%. Your Dedicated Email Server is protected by uninterruptable power provided by battery and generator. It will be connected to the Internet using a fully redundant multi-homed network. You will sleep well because we monitor your email server for you 24/7/365.

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Software upgrades are done by us
  • Hardware maintenance is done by us
  • Advanced Encryption & Security Features

Easy to Use

Our Dedicated Mail Server is easy to use. You can easily teach a non-technical person to manage the Server Administrator, which is responsible for creating each new domain. More importantly, you can easily delegate mailbox management to the Domain Administrator, who does not need any technical skills to add and delete mailboxes.

All controls for your mail server are handled through easy to use web-based control panels. Managing your Dedicated Mail Server is a kind break from other solutions like Microsoft Exchange or Sendmail.

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